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When It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Part 1: Greens and golds!

It’s 5 degrees right now in our part of CT. More snow tomorrow. Yea! So let’s brighten up the winter morning with a rainbow of nutritious and energizing breakfast juices and smoothies!  


 Green smoothies are the rage and properly put together can be a nutritious way to start your day. Here is a great and flexible “formula” for you to make your own green smoothies. I think a handful of spinach blends in the best if you are a newcomer to this energizing way to start the day.

If your smoothie is your entire breakfast, then make sure it contains at least 15 grams of protein: include either a high-quality protein powder, de-fatted peanut powder, high protein seeds such as chia or hemp seeds; Greek yogurt; or use as part of your liquid high protein choices like soy milk or skim milk instead of water.

 ALWAYS add some good fats: a tablespoon of coconut oil, flax seed oil or meal, almond or other nut butter, or avocado. Your body needs them, particularly your brain, nerves, skin hair and nails!

Now, a couple of my patients recently confided that they don’t really love the green color and so don’t find green smoothies appetizing!


So my crack research team (comprised of me and my daughters Lauren and Mariella) came up with a spectrum of different colored breakfast drinks. I like the idea of a different color occasionally because you get different nutrients from differently colored natural foods (red dye doesn’t count). This week we explored YELLOW!  I recommend using tangerines for the citrus in them if you are sensitive to acid. As always, freeze your fruits for a better smoothie texture.

 This first recipe is a delicious juice. So much better for you than orange juice!

 The second is a smoothie:

 We made this today. It was yummy, but we’d advise half the ginger and I would use flaked quinoa instead for more protein or add some vanilla protein powder of choice. 

 As you can see, both of these contain fresh turmeric root. 


The powdered form is often a part of curry powder.




Turmeric has many salutatory effects on the body. Here’s an excellent rundown by Dr. Andrew Weil:

 And read this: Recent research found it SUPERIOR TO PROZAC FOR DEPRESSION.

 So add color, and turmeric, to your life, go forth and get HEALTHIER (and maybe happier)! Stay warm. 

Dr. Nolfo

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  1. Thanks for the great smoothie recipes, Dr. Nolfo!! Can’t wait to try the “coconut water, clementines and turmeric with ginger” – sounds so tropical and healthy!

    A couple weeks ago, we mixed frozen bananas, frozen strawberries and greek yogurt in the nutribullet – yum 🙂

    January 27, 2014
    • Thanks! Last week we made the smoothie and this week we’re going to make the drink. Watch out for the turmeric–it’s like saffron, and leaves a golden stain on your cutting board!

      January 27, 2014

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