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A Weightloss Testimonial from Sherry B!

Happy Friday Health-Lings!

We’d like to share with you this fabulous thank you note we received from one of our wellness clients, Sherry B from Connecticut! She lost a remarkable 26 pounds in just under 3 months! Sherry B’s results are not typical – in fact, with our program, our patients lose an average of 2-6 pounds per week if they follow the program correctly. The sky is the limit: we design our wellness and diet programs so you can GET WELL and STAY WELL!

Read how Sherry accomplished her goals here:

“As a working mother of 3 boys, I needed a weight loss program that worked, but was also easy to follow. I decided to try Ideal Protein after seeing the success that some of my friends had enjoyed by following the  program. I liked the convenience of the Ideal Protein food packets as well as the flexibility the program  offered. From day one, I was able to enjoy the same vegetables and proteins that I served my family for dinner. This made staying on track much easier. At the weekly check-ins [at Stony Creek Internal Medicine and Wellness], John [Moniello] always offered me helpful pointers and encouragement that were crucial to keeping me focused. I lost 7lbs in the first week and after 8 weeks, I had surpassed my goal of losing 20lbs. I had tried other diets in the past, but never enjoyed the level of success that Ideal Protein offered me. I would recommend Ideal Protein to anyone who is serious about getting healthy and losing weight.  – Sherry B. “

If you would like to join up with us in your quest to get healthy – whether its designing a new healthy lifestyle for yourself or helping you attain your weight goals, please click here to fill out our FREE consultation form! We promise to get back to you right away with some solutions on how to achieve your wellness goals.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Dr. Nolfo

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