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3-Day Detox Program

3-Day Detox Program

So the East Coast monsoon of Spring 2013 is finally over, and if you’ve been like us – hibernating from the dreary wetness-you might find yourself feeling the need shake off all that negative energy and start fresh while basking in some of the more summer-like weather we’ll be seeing here in Connecticut in the next couple of days.

While avoiding the soak, did you gorge in refrigerated or frozen leftovers? Take a few naps or watch movies instead of doing your daily workout reps? Indulge in some pizza and wine with friends?

If you’re feeling the need for a jump start, or are just interested in trying a clean detox program for a few days, all of us here at Stony Creek Internal Medicine and Wellness can highly recommend this cleanse. Rich in healthy fats, fruits and vegetables – this easy to do, low cost detox is an EXCELLENT program that is sure to put some sunshine back into your mind and body. Similar pre-made products are pricey and not as fresh and tasty!

When I did it, I used flax seed meal rather than whole seeds because you get more of the good fats that way. I juiced the celery because the strings get caught in a blender. If you don’t have a juicer, remove the strings and slice celery before blending. Remove the thick spines of the kale also.

So give it a try and get ready to say “ADIOS!” to the remains of the long, cloudy week behind us!

If you have any medical or dietary restrictions that may inhibit your ability to complete this program, send us a message here or at – we promise we can supply you with some healthy alternatives.

Have a fantastic weekend and look for a special post next week on “What to Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet”!

Dr. Nolfo


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